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The Innovation & Sustainability PAC is a non-profit, general purpose political action committee, with the following 4 goals:

1) Educate the public on the importance of economic, social, environmental, & educational sustainability,

2) Advocate for policies & practices that advance innovation initiatives and the business startup ecosystem,

3) Support innovative programs & organizations by promoting new technology advancing sustainability, &

4) Provide professional development to build a workforce pipeline for public service and impact industries. 


The Innovation & Sustainability PAC runs “public education & awareness” campaigns focusing on data aggregation, research & content development, stakeholder/community engagement, and public relations with American consumers, private sector industry leaders, and policymakers. Our methodologies are driven on best practices in project, program and portfolio management, and we have extensive experience in database building, multi-media marketing, communications and public relations for public education campaigns.

Developing Strategies

Pathway to victory campaign plans and strategic plans for business development, public relations, communications, & data mining. 

Public Awareness

Building programs and project teams to educate the public about economic, environmental and educational sustainability

Project Management

Developing and managing projects and programs in stakeholder relations, data-mining, capital acquisition and organizational development  

Advocay & Lobbying

Advocating for policies and practices that advance innovation and sustainability both in the public and private sector industries. 

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