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Professional Development for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Launchpad is a professional development platform empowering young people through skills acquisition, financial literacy, and advocacy of innovation and sustainability. Launchpad aims to promote the development of practical skills through hands-on experience in advanced project & program management. From data analysis, content development and to public relations, Launchpad strives to foster entrepreneurship and impart a spirit of daring in young people.


Launchpad works with private & public sectors partners to support a business-startup ecosystem and to advance professional development opportunities through their quarterly programs: 1) CPM Internship, a 9-12 week internship program that provides university students with experience in communications & project management and 2) Entrepreneur Club Workshop Series, a 6-9 week professional development speaker & workshop series for aspiring entrepreneurs. Launchpad is a platform authorized by the Innovation & Sustainability PAC, a non-profit committed to educating the public & the U.S. market supply chain in the importance of incorporating innovation to advance, environmental, economic and educational sustainability.


Launchpad aims to build a future workforce pipeline of entrepreneurs for the impact industries, by providing professional development training in project management & financial literacy, and by advocating for innovation and sustainability.

Professional Development Workshop Series 

Professional Development for Entrepreneur Workshop Series will provide young entrepreneurs the resources, knowledge, and networking opportunities to kick-start their entrepreneurial goals. Workshops will be hosted on Wednesday from 7:00pm - 8:30pm at the Launchpad office: 720 Olive Drive, Suite D | Davis, CA 95616. 

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