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The Neighborhood Investment Committee is a non-profit initiative with the principal goal of educating the public on consumer protection laws and financial options when engaging lenders during the foreclosure proceedings. Project Managers & Coordinator will have an opportunity to connect directly with homeowners - assisting families review the 8 options to prevent foreclosure, learn about 2 types of legal rights, and 7 best practices for lender engagement and negotiations. Since the 2008 Housing Crisis over 15 million families have faced foreclosure in America, many unaware of their options and legal rights during the foreclosure proceedings. Therefore, our program aims to empower Americans through education on financial literacy issues and best practices in lender engagement.

Pollution Mitigation 
Partnership program

The goal of the (PMP) Pollution Mitigation Partnership Program is to educate the public and the many market supply chains in America on the importance of sustainable agriculture practices, and the technologies available that can reduce the dependence of harmful chemical fertilizers & pesticides. Currently today, over 90% of waterways are contaminated with dangerous pesticides that have proven links to causing cancer and other public safety concerns. Therefore, it's a national public safety imperative that our policy makers and private industry leaders to adopt technologies that prevent further chemical pollution and advance sustainable agricultural practices. The program focuses on research, outreach and engagement of business leaders and policy makers interested in advancing sustainability.

Project Management

Launchpad is a professional development platform empowering young people through skills acquisition, financial literacy, and advocacy of innovation and sustainability. Launchpad aims to promote the development of practical skills through hands-on experience in advanced project, program and portfolio management. From data analysis, content development and to public relations, Launchpad strives to foster entrepreneurship and impart a spirit of daring in young people.


Launchpad works with private & public sectors partners to support a business-startup ecosystem and to advance professional development opportunities through their quarterly programs: 1) Launchpad Account Management Internship, a 3-6 month internship program that provides university students with experience in communications & project management and 2) Entrepreneur Workshop Series, a 6-9 week professional development speaker & workshop series for aspiring entrepreneurs. Workshop topics include: business planning, crowd funding, project management, communications, account management, database management, content development, public relations, and sales/marketing. The program includes working group meetings in business development, real estate and political advocacy.


Launchpad is a platform authorized by the Innovation & Sustainability PAC, a non-profit committed to educating the public & the U.S. market supply chain in the importance of incorporating innovation to advance, environmental, economic and educational sustainability.

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